The Journey of Seeing

In a world of the lost

in a world searching the past

gazing at the barren ground

and probing lint infested navels

for some evidence that we are smarter

than people were back then

sifting the dirt for any sign of the weeds our ancestors planted

when our own gardens are overgrown and wild

are we really any better

are our hands any cleaner

as we scrape the surface of earth

like a snake writhing on it’s belly

boasting of our blindness

proud of the filth we find in folly


the journey to seeing

begins with looking up

beyond ourselves

the beginning of the awakening

is found in the humility of surrender

in releasing the human pride

that binds us to the dirt

trading our life of crawling

for a salvation that brings us freedom

turning our faces from the earth toward a sky


blurring as we struggle for understanding

the heaven we long for

may only be glimpses flickering

in fields of starfire

but we must keep our eyes

fixed on where we are going