The Beatles = Illuminati Deception!

Kelvin Bueckert
2 min readSep 17, 2018


As secret agents of the illumniati, the Beatles have put forth various claims in an effort to deceive humanity .
For example, Is love really all we need? Nope. Science says we must have WATER to survive. See the LIE?
Do we all really live in a yellow submarine? Nope.There is no scientific evidence for this claim whatsoever. THINK! Do you live in a yellow submarine? Probably not. There is even evidence that the Beatles themselves lived in houses, not submarines! ANOTHER HORRIBLE LIE EXPOSED!
Are Strawberry Fields Really Eternal? Nope. Science says that the strawberry growing season is limited, especially in northern climates…like Canada eh?

ObladeOblada? Play it backwards it becomes, adalboedalbo, and we all know what that means, I don’t even have to explain it.
Anyway, as you can see, the Beatles put forth some pretty outlandish claims but by using the truth of science, we can refute these false teachings!
Some may say that these lyrics are poetic, that they are metaphors, or even that the Beatles were simply trying to find rhymes to match the melodies to finish the songs so the record company would get of their backs…but think a little bit about this, when has a record company ever been concerned about getting songs done and making money?

Seriously, we must set these wild ideas aside and face the truth.

The Beatles were agents of the lluminati, waging a war on science and reason.
Seriously, everybody lecturing and preaching out there on youtube already knows this. Get on the band wagon! Perhaps the only thing we really can trust from the Beatles is a claim made by John Lennon in 1964 that, “we really can trust the internet and everything posted on it.”
Well, that’s all for today class. Thanks for joining me on this magical mystery tour and be sure to come back tomorrow when we’ll look at yesterday and ask ourselves, was love REALLY only a game to play? Until tomorrow then, stay safe on that long and winding road…



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