Parable Road 5 (Home)

Kelvin Bueckert
3 min readJun 20, 2024


“Ben, supper’s ready!”

“Alright, I’ll be there as soon as I can,” I holler back.

Woosh. A hoof just misses my head.

I’m sure glad I saw that kick coming.

The mother, a large, yellowish-brown cow, lets loose an angry bellow.

The newborn calf I’m holding in my arms wriggles and squirms attempting to escape.

My free hand moves the head of the little beast toward the udder.

Thank God it starts sucking.

Animals are like people sometimes, even though something will bring them life, they fight against it with all the strength they can muster.

Now, at least, there is some sign of progress.

The calf is drinking in the sweet milk of life.

It’s time for me to move on. I’ve managed to work up an appetite myself today. I need all the good food that my wife has prepared for me.

I release the calf from my grip and stand up.

Will this work? That is the question.

The calf sways back and forth for a few moments. Maybe….just maybe it is strong enough. Even as the thought crosses my mind, it crumples to the ground and lets out a mournful cry.

Agitated by this, the mother cow kicks at me again.

I’m sure thankful that the cow is confined in a head gate. Otherwise, it would certainly be trying to kill me.

What a day. I can certainly understand why my wife sounded so frustrated on the phone the other day. These problems always seem to show up when I’m away on a trip.

I take a breath, calming myself. Flying into a rage doesn’t solve anything, no matter how tempting it is to do so. After a few moments of this, I lift the calf to its feet.

Once again I guide its wet brown head toward the source of milk and life.

Once again it begins sucking.

Great. Progress. The mother cow is settling down as well. Even better.

Driving a truck pays more than the farm does, that’s for sure. But still, my heart is here…among the animals, in the forest that surrounds the green pasture land…in the fertile hay crops I am growing to provide for the winter.

This is how I grew up.

I loved it then. I still love it now.

I wish my wife joined me in this interest. But, she was a storekeeper’s daughter, I guess this just isn’t for her. I’m just glad she lets me have a hobby farm like this.

It’s something to look forward to after a long trip on the truck.

The calf needs a time of refreshing…and so do I…so does everyone if they want to stay healthy.

The little beast is standing on its own. It seems strong now, so I back away and hope for the best. If all goes well, I can move on to my own meal.

Yes…yes…the calf has gained enough strength from it’s feast. It is standing firm. From now on it will take care of itself.

A cow and a calf, together like they should be.

A sight like this makes all the struggle worthwhile. Animals sure are like people, they may fight the truth for a while, but when they taste the sweet goodness of it, they’ll never thirst for anything else.

They just need someone willing to give them the guidance they need.

Well, for me, it’s supper time.

I climb over the corral fence and head toward my green and white house.

After the weekend I’ll need to head out again…but for now, for now…I’m enjoying the rest that can only be found in the country.

I’ll need every moment of rest that I can get. I’m supposed to get a driving partner for the next trip. I hope he’s not too difficult…but, I have a funny feeling I’ll have my work cut out with that one.

I guess we’ll see how it goes.



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