In the Years After We Lost Power

What if a solar flare knocked out electrical systems around the world?

Would we be healthier if we didn’t have prepackaged junk food to rely on?

Would our bodies glow with the health gained in the struggle to survive?

What would we think about, if we didn’t have the media to tell us what to think?

If we wanted to find out what those other people thought would we have to ask them?

Would we find out that what they think and why isn’t what we thought?

Would we learn to appreciate moments of quiet reflection in nature?

Would we grow closer to people without a device to distract us from them?

Would we have more time in our lives to build community?

After we lost the all noise and news of constant tragedy, would we miss the fear that they had brought us?

Could we survive without knowing all the bad news of the world?

Would we invent new ways to divide people into groups that hate each other?

Would we look back with fondness on the life we are living now?

Lives and writes on the plains of Manitoba, Canada…he is an actor, writer, and has also been known to peddle books on his website…