A Shift in Perspective

Maybe that closed door was what you needed to prompt you to walk down the hall

maybe their rejection was what set you free to be the person you need to be

maybe leaving was what had to be done for you to start living

maybe the pain is how you will learn to grow

maybe your weakness is exactly where God will do his greatest work

maybe in the ashes of your shame is where you will build again

maybe out of the fertile ground of trouble will spring a garden beautiful

maybe out of the darkest black will rise the most welcome dawn

when everything is clouded with uncertainty

realize that faith is trusting even when you can’t see

in your time of questions

don’t stop listening for the answer

how do you know that the sky isn’t about to start breaking open

a day of revelation for the broken


is the problem your main problem or are part of your problems the way you are looking at them?

Lives and writes on the plains of Manitoba, Canada…he is an actor, writer, and has also been known to peddle books on his website…www.kelvinbueckert.com