A Revelation in Antiquity

Kelvin Bueckert
Apr 19, 2021

There are many words

and sensational revelations

to stimulate the modern mind

but wisdom is harder than ever to find

but what if it is hidden in the smell

of the vintage

the antique

the unique books

that are too hard to read

the forgotten hymns

that meant so much to the writers

overlooked in our mad exaltation

the thrashing

and throes

of our lives without meaning

what if looking

turning back

could show us something

about where we are going

  • **Here is an instrumental music video I made of an old hymn being performed on piano & cello.




Kelvin Bueckert

Lives and writes on the plains of Manitoba, Canada…he is an actor, writer, and has also been known to peddle books on his website…www.kelvinbueckert.com