The corporations assured me it was healthier to live in fear

so I stopped doing anything that gave my life meaning

and wouldn’t you know it…their profits were healthier

the politicians created a group for me to blame for everything I had lost

and so I learned to hate


The couch is old

but it is familiar

so that is where we sit

even though the springs have sprung

and we are sinking to the floor

just outside lies a world of natural splendor

caressed by streams of fresh air

and a mountain view of so much more

than the image we are holding on to

the image of good that pales

when contrasted with the purity of snow

and the righteousness of the sun


many are the grand words we could proclaim

but nothing will change if we stay the same

many are the opportunities we could explore

but change will only begin after we start walking

away from the hole where we’ve been sitting

the horizon is out there waiting

what is it that we are we waiting for

Despite all the ugly things that they say

you are beautiful in the eyes of God

even if spite and division are celebrated by the entire world

the sky still proclaims a message of heaven

of a love that doesn’t need to be earned

of a peace that can calm the storm within

a lesson of grace that can be learned

a hope that can free us from hatred’s prison

isn’t this our secret longing

don’t we all want something more

than constant turmoil

in the lives we are living…

In the outrageous propaganda of old

we can see the benefit of a simple truth

in the policies of the past

we can see that their work of separation

destroyed more lives

than these laws of segregation was supposed to be saving

(a politician divides people into groups so that…

The fire was dancing like a demon

consuming like a glutton

full of desire licking

at lips always dry with wanting

but never full


a war

like a graveyard

always has room for one more

still many have answered the call

to give up everything

in an attempt to…

After editing

out the boring

and the stupid parts

was the story was stronger

after burning

away the stubble

and weeds

did the field become fertile

after leaving

all the feelings

and superficial talk the world calls love

did we arrive at something real

the diamond that sparkles

because of the years under pressure

the golden band that glistens

because of its time in the furnace

that most beautiful ring

crafted to spite the ugly circumstances

is it worth the effort to continue the search

or are we content to wish

…and live with less

The world has plenty of ideas of what you should be

maybe you should be a little more skinny

maybe your cover should be a little more glossy

maybe they say you would sell better in paperback

but you aren’t that comfortable in the fiction section

with titles created for the sole purpose of entertaining

granted the stories there are exciting

but they are without truth or meaning

and you want substance

things worth thinking about

(thinking…hmm…does anyone still do that

is there really any money in it?) -Editor

who are you

you are filled with pages

and the plot is currently being written

is there conflict and resolution

will you leave us hanging

is your story worth reading

will the wise turn your pages for wisdom

or will you be quickly forgotten

like this poem

Is there really safety in distance

I never see you

but the world is still as dangerous as it always was

is there really safety in fear

I’ve never been more afraid

but all I really crave is connection

is there really safety in segregation

the mental walls that keep…

We could pretend that we believe in love

we could say all the right words

and take all the right pictures

to create an image of life

but without honesty

what are we really

without actions

that align with our words

what are we really

if what we believe


When the wind of doubt becomes tiresome

and every dream is broken

the bird searches for something to cling to

a firm foundation

a truth to settle on

when the poem of human sorrow

read by an actor in monotone

is cause for a noisy celebration

the bird looks for a shelter

where civilization cannot enter

there only silence is welcome

and peace of mind is a new sort of wonderful

leave the humans to enjoy their turmoil

the bird is happy with a simple salvation

a branch to rest upon

Kelvin Bueckert

Lives and writes on the plains of Manitoba, Canada…he is an actor, writer, and has also been known to peddle books on his website…

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