Faith is seen in the bird in flight

trusting in the air it cannot see

carried on currents it does not understand

soaring as if lifted by an unseen hand


and then turning


and then rising

against a blue canvas of heaven

the bird demonstrates freedom

from the futility of earthbound thinking

in the carefree way it is living

in the courage to fly

from the comfort of safety

the gravity that destroys the will

the hunger for something more

As a mountain towers over a drought cursed plain

so is peace of mind greater than a life of constant fear

as an ocean dwarfs a backyard puddle after a violent rain

so is quiet wisdom greater than the loud bellows of folly

as a sky stretches into the vast unknown

is greater than any grand scheme of humans

so is humility greater than the empty boasts of arrogance

as a miser with a house full of everything

still searches for something more

to tame the turmoil that comes with a life of emptiness

a common sparrow sits

confident in the love of the Creator

and what is better than this

simple faith to rest

on a high wire

What if a solar flare knocked out electrical systems around the world?

Would we be healthier if we didn’t have prepackaged junk food to rely on?

Would our bodies glow with the health gained in the struggle to survive?

What would we think about, if we didn’t have the media…

Sometimes all we see is the lightning

flashing over the city

sometimes all we hear is the echoing laughter

of the beasts of darkness

slithering in the alleys

outside our home

and we wonder if anyone is out there

who sees our silent tears

tearing their way out of our soul

and burning their way down our cheeks

and we wonder if anyone is strong enough

to stop the oppressive words

and fists beating us under

is the power that fuels the universe

just a prayer away

is the spirit ready to set us free

can the hope of heaven

live in me


Maybe that closed door was what you needed to prompt you to walk down the hall

maybe their rejection was what set you free to be the person you need to be

maybe leaving was what had to be done for you to start living

maybe the pain is how…

Winds whip their way

around and over

the place we are gasping

for some air without the sea

hurled like a beachball

without the colors of joy

we are carried with the tide

into the grey of a storm

it is hard to be still as we are thrown

into one wave

and then another

by an ocean of wicked hands grasping

threatening to pull us under

with their grip of murder

it is harder to have faith when we can’t see where we are going

but faith is believing even when we can’t see

the power that controls the water

and the wind


even as we are breathing

in a new beginning

What is it that glitters

on the street corner

and in every living room

that image of spray-painted value

celebrated by celebrities

that golden statue that starts to peel under the slightest pressure

what time is it when the superficial

is heralded as a deeper revelation

and the best conversation

The cardboard box was free

to crawl into

the instructions were there on the side

all I needed to do was obey them

and make fun of those who just wouldn’t

fit into the place they are given

it is obvious

only the stupid would resist

this paradise of humans

Where the war machines

have done their work

pounding in a relentless racket

like a spoiled child in a violent fit

only stacks of flesh and garbage remain

glorious white bones and blackened ruins

worthy of a promotion

and a medal

for those who thought up these wonderful ideas


When the needle starts with a lie

soon another patch will need to be threaded into the patchwork tale

the fairy tale of a glorious castle in the air

being woven on the canvas of our imagination

but the truth stands stark

like a mountain range that doesn’t need anything

Kelvin Bueckert

Lives and writes on the plains of Manitoba, Canada…he is an actor, writer, and has also been known to peddle books on his website…

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